AUSTRALIAN CHILLED GRAIN FED BEEF ! available during September and October 2019

WHITE ASPARAGUS GOURMET DINNER – Friday, May 31, 2019, 19.30 hrs.
We are CLOSED on August 01, 2019


Enjoy the various Menu’s from this special Card !!!

What is Grain Fed?
Cattle in Australia have to be fed grain for more than 60 days before they’re classified as grain fed! Grass fed beef comes from beef cattle raised in pastures, rather than on feed lots. In Australia, 97% of sheep and cattle are grass fed at any one time. Grass fed cattle can still be fed grain, but this usually only happens if the pasture is poor and their feed needs supplementing. It’s more expensive for farmers to feed cattle grain, and in Australia, we’re lucky to have lots of good grazing land.
However, grass fed beef has yellower fat, and some markets prefer whiter fat, so these cattle are ‘grain finished’. Other markets prefer their cattle to be grain fed. As an example Wagyu Beef is grain fed. There’s a big difference between the way that cattle are raised in Australia from the way that cattle are raised in the US. One of the major differences is that Australian grain fed cattle spend 85-90% of their lives in pastures. No cattle in Australia spend their whole lives in a feedlot. US grain fed cattle are also fed primarily on corn, whereas here they eat mainly wheat, barley or sorghum!

All Dishes served with mashed or roast Potatoes and fresh Vegetables or Salad!

• Pan-seared T-BONE STEAK and Mushroom (350 gr) MYR 95.00
• SIRLOIN STEAK with Blue Cheese Sauce (200 gr) MYR 90.00
• Classic French STEAK AU POIVRE (Tenderloin) (180 gr) MYR 90.00
• BEEF BOURGUIGNON, r- wine Sauce (Tenderloin) (200 gr) MYR 95.00
• Turf ’n’ Surf – Filet Mignon and 3 Prawns (100 gr) MYR 100.00
• BEEF, Onion, Cheese PIE (350 gr) MYR 78.00


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