BAERLAUCH – WILD GARLIC – available during September and October 2019

And only available in November
AUSTRALIAN CHILLED GRAIN FED BEEF ! available during September and October 2019

A try for GOURMETS / CONNOISSEURS and for those who like a change from the ordinary!! Also nice for VEGETARIANS!!

Latin: Allium ursinum
known as wild garlic, ramsons, buckrams, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek or bear's garlic or even witch’s onion, stinking lily and in French it is called ail des ours, is a bulbous perennial flowering plant in the lily family Amaryllidaceae. It is a wild relative of onion, native to Europe and Asia, where it grows openly in moist woodland from March – May. It has a pleasant garlicky taste with a hint of basil! Manfred’s sister has harvested the leaves fresh and processed it to store for this period of the PROMOTION!

Enjoy the various Menu’s from this special Card !!!


BAERLAUCH SOUP with roasted Almonds
MYR 28.00

STEAK TATARE with BAERLAUCH – Pesto (Main Course)
MYR 58.00

ESCARGOT with BAERLAUCH – Butter (6 pcs.)
MYR 36.00

BAERLAUCH – Risotto with mixed Forest Mushrooms
MYR 55.00

Venison Stroganoff with BAERLAUCH – Spaetzli
MYR 75.00

Potatoes with BAERLAUCH-Butter/fresh Cheese
MYR 45.00

BAERLAUCH RAVIOLI (Dumplings) with Mushrooms
MYR 60.00

BAERLAUCH – Ice Cream with Cheese Crackers!!
MYR 29.00

Pappardelle with BAERLAUCH – PESTO
MYR 45.00

Mixed Salad with BAERLAUCH-Dressing
MYR 25.00

Special Promotion - For a limited time only

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