Swiss Gastronomy Week 2017!

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Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Swiss Gastronomy Week 2017!

FROM Wednesday, April 26 TO Sunday, April 30, 2017

For this special GASTRONOMY WEEK we have once again the honour to present to you the SwissGault Millau Chef Hans-Ulrich Wismer. He will lead our Kitchen Team and present to you some Swiss Dishes that you cannot find in Malaysia!?

Enjoy the culinary delicacies based on “Grandmother’s cooking style”!

- Boiled Beef (Siedfleisch) With A Mixed Parmesan Chesse-Olive Oil Dressing, Flavoured With Tarragon Santanobio And Sprinkled With Fine Cut Chives

- Asparagus Salad With Buffalo Mozzarello And Air Dried Beef, Tossed With Olive Oil And Sherry Dressing

- Panfried Duck Liver With Three Glaced Coler Melons On Toasted Brioche And A Red Wine Glace

- Safran Risotto With Cepes Mushroom, Carrot, Green Peas And Panfried Truffle-Chicken Liver

- “Malakoff” Cheese Fritters From Vinzel, Red Cabbage (Canton Vaud)

- Swiss Cheese Quiche A La Mode Du Chef Raymond

- Barley Soup With Vegetables And Air Dried Beef And Parsley (Canton Grison)

- White Creme Asparagus Soup With Smoked Salmon Strips And Fresh Herbs

- Rice And Chestnut Soup (Canton Schwyz)

- Panfried Seabass Filet On Vegetables Strip Surrounded With A Green Absinth Fish Cream Sauce, Sprinkle With Spring Onions And Tomatoes

- Roast Garoupe Fish Filet On Assorted Tomato Stew With Basil

- Over - Glaced Prawns With Swiss Raclette Cheese On Mix Rice And A Cognac Cream Sauce

- Cod Fillet “Vaudoise” On A Bed Of Onion, Leek And Potatoe Ragout

- Braised Beef Poupiette (Fleischvoegel) With Veal Stuffing In Pinot Noir Wine On Corn Polenta With Gorgonzola And Parmesan Cheese, With Glaced Carott And White Turnips Vegetables.

- Roast Fillet Of Beef “Salvagnin” (Canton Vaud)

- Sliced Veal Zurich Style With Roesti Potatoes (Canton Zurich)

- Lucerne Vol-Au-Vent (Canton Lucerne)

- Basel Larded Roast Beef “Luemmelibraten), Mashed Potatoes (Canton Basle)

- Panfried Veal Steak With Asparagus Overbacked With Appenzeller Cheese And Apple-Potatoes Pancake Patsches

- Peppermint Marinated Lamb Chop On Lentil – Vegetable Stew And A Shallots Red Wine Sauce

- Toblerone Almond Chocolate Mousse With Wipped Cream And Strawberry

- Caramel Custard (Canton Schwyz)

- Chestnut Vermicelli With Ice Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream And Meringue (Canton Ticino)

- Fotzelschnitten (French Toast), Tossed With Sugar And Cinnamon Served With Quark Cheese Topped With Honey (Or Prune Compot Or Apple Sauce Or Ice Cream

- Ginger Bread Spice (Lebkuchen) Terrine With Vanilla Ice Cream With Aprikosen Compote

- Max Kehls Hazelnut Chocolat-Almond Cake With Wip Cream And Assorted Fruit Coulis Sauce (Canton Zurich)

- Alpine Maccaroni, Potatoes, Cheese (Canton Uri)

- Pasta With Minced Beef (Canton Appenzell)

- Celeriac - Mash Potatoes