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The Swiss Culinary Experience

…… is possible since the Chalet Suisse opened its doors in May 1996 after just a 4 month construction period. It was always located in Ampang Utama, approximately 20 minutes drive by car from central Kuala Lumpur. Chalet Suisse is the ideal place for your special events, being it a Wedding, a Birthday or a visit from VIP’s. Chalet Suisse with his professional staff could always handle the needs of their clients. They have hosted parties for foreign Dignitaries, Royal Events, down to Children singing contests. Many Wedding- as well as Birthday-Parties are linked to the restaurant.

The special interior is very unique and definitive worthwhile a visit by itself! The restaurant is wood paneled and the furniture’s as well are from over 6’000 Kg’s of recycled Pinewood (old Sea freight Containers) arrived at that time at Port Klang.

Today Chalet Suisse is maintained as a tribute to the legendary Heinz BAUERT, who passed away on March 08, 2015. In the meantime the restaurant has been taken over by a group of Swiss expatriates.

Strategic Location in KL Vicinity

Located within a housing area and in enclaves of expatriates

Ample Parking Spaces Available

Public Parking Spaces Easily Available at the Restaurant

Award Winning Restaurant

Chalet Suisse was awarded credentials of being among the best restaurant in Malaysia

Private function & group booking

Space is available for private functions and group bookings at the Restaurant or “Appenzeller-Stube” upstairs’. We can close the entire Restaurant for “Private Function’s”!

Exquisite Decorations & Ambience

Fine antiques & decorations imported from Switzerland

The new Owners of Chalet Suisse

We were surprised that late Heinz Bauert passed away suddenly and we were basically not prepared! A group of good Swiss Expatriate friends of Heinz playing every Sunday the Swiss card game JASS have realized that they could lose the Chalet Suisse. They have negotiated with the heirs of Heinz and the -5- have furthermore decided within a very short time to purchase all the shares of the GASTRONOMIE SUISSE SDN. BHD., owning the Chalet Suisse Restaurant. We have invested some funds into the soft renovation of the restaurant to upgrade the A/C’s, toilettes and to replace various equipments in the kitchen. We had to hire a new Chef while the longtime, loyal staff under the supervision of Ben Duran Gomez, Restaurant Manager, remained the same!
After having a severe Stroke in June 2019, our Ben had to leave our company and he is now recovering in Manila / Philippines. Thank you Ben for your support during many years and all the Best for your Future!

The new equal owners are: Manfred J. Faehndrich, Managing Director; Johann Bohi, Chairman; Bernhard Schobert, Director; Urs Allenspach, Director and Rudolf Messmer.

Together those five Expatriates are proud to have over 100 years of Malaysian experience!

** From right: Johann Bohi, Urs Allenspach, Manfred J. Faehndrich, Bernhard Schobert

The Late Heinz Bauert

Late Heinz Bauert, the previous owner of the Chalet Suisse in Kuala Lumpur, was born and educated in Horgen, by the Lake of Zurich / Switzerland. After his Chef training he attended the Hotel -Management School in Lucerne and left Switzerland soon after that for England and then to Thailand. Since 1969 he has been in the Hotel and Restaurant business in Asia and before coming to Kuala Lumpur, was the Franchise Holder of the Moevenpick Group in Singapore.

After decades in hospitality industry, he decided to set up his own Swiss-style restaurant. After a 4 month construction period, Chalet Suisse was officially opened to public in May 1996.

He passed away on March 08, 2015, after a short hospitalization, but late Heinz Bauert has left a legacy in Swiss culinary in Malaysia. His restaurant business is now handled by a group of Swiss expatriates. Heinz R.I.P!